LoopFest XVIII

Lecture Hall (IARC)

Lecture Hall


Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Batavia, IL

The Theoretical Physics department of Fermilab is pleased to welcome you to the LoopFest XVIII conference which will be held on August 12- August 14, 2019.

LoopFest provides a forum for discussing the latest results in precision quantum field theory and their applications to understanding experimental data at current and future colliders. The conference will consist of three days of plenary talks.

Topics include:

  • The potential of the LHC and future colliders for precision measurements
  • Progress in multi-loop and multi-leg calculations
  • Interfacing fixed-order higher-order calculations with multi-purpose event generators
  • Application of effective field theory techniques to precision calculations
  • Prospects for improving PDFs for precision measurements


Local organizing committee: Advisory Committee:
John Campbell Lance Dixon
Marcela Carena Frank Petriello
Walter Giele Laura Reina
Stefan Hoeche Doreen Wackeroth
Joshua Isaacson  
Tobias Neumann  


The conference will take place at the IARC lecture hall at Fermilab. For walking directions from Wilson Hall, see this map.

A remote connection will be provided on Zoom. Please use this link https://fnal.zoom.us/j/380540691 to join from your computer or dial in by phone using the meeting ID 380 540 691

  • Aashaq Shah
  • Alexander Mitov
  • Andrea Ferroglia
  • Andrea Signori
  • Andreas von Manteuffel
  • Ayres Freitas
  • Bakul Agarwal
  • Bernhard Mistlberger
  • Bogdan Dobrescu
  • Chris Quigg
  • Ciaran Williams
  • Daniel de Florian
  • Daniel Reichelt
  • Daniel Wiegand
  • Dominik Stoeckinger
  • Doreen Wackeroth
  • Elisabetta Furlan
  • Emanuele Re
  • Fabio Siringo
  • Florian Herren
  • Francesco Moriello
  • Hantian Zhang
  • Hiren Patel
  • Huanfeng Cheng
  • HuaXing Zhu
  • Ian Moult
  • Imre Majer
  • Joey Huston
  • John Campbell
  • Jonathan Maloney
  • Jort Sinninghe Damsté
  • Joshua Isaacson
  • Kay Schönwald
  • Lance Dixon
  • Manoj Kumar Mandal
  • Mao Zeng
  • Marc-Andre Pleier
  • Mario Prausa
  • Markus Klute
  • Matteo Capozi
  • Max Reyer
  • Max Zoller
  • Oleksandr Tomalak
  • Pavel Nadolsky
  • Pawel Guzowski
  • Prudhvi Nikhil Bhattiprolu
  • Richard Hill
  • Robert Schabinger
  • Roni Harnik
  • Sally Dawson
  • Samuel Abreu
  • Simone Alioli
  • Simone Devoto
  • Simone Zoia
  • Stefan Hoeche
  • Stefan Kallweit
  • Stephen Martin
  • Stephen Mrenna
  • Syed Mehedi Hasan
  • Terrance Figy
  • Vitalii Maheria
  • William Shepherd
  • Xiao Liu
  • Yong Du
  • Zack Sullivan
  • Zhongbo Kang
  • Zvi Bern