Prospecting for New Physics through Flavor, Dark Matter, and Machine Learning

Aspen Center for Physics

Aspen Center for Physics

Aspen Center for Physics 700 West Gillespie Street Aspen, CO 81611
David Shih (Rutgers University), Mike Williams (MIT), Patrick Fox (Fermilab), Stefania Gori (UC Santa Cruz), Wolfgang Altmannshofer (UC Santa Cruz)

We have entered a new and exciting decade of particle physics. The field of Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) physics has rapidly transformed into a diverse program of new physics (NP) searches, including: high-pT searches at the LHC; precision tests of the SM, especially in the Higgs and flavor sectors; searches for new light particles at high intensity experiments; and direct and indirect searches for Dark Matter across an increasingly broad range of masses and couplings.  In addition, exciting developments in the field of machine learning are inspiring new and innovative methods to search for NP across this broad program.

The goal of this Aspen Winter Conference is to bring together theorists and experimentalists, both to discuss the latest experimental results in all of these areas and their various theoretical implications, as well as to explore novel techniques for the future exploration of BSM physics, including the prospects for NP searches at the High-Luminosity LHC and future colliders. Key topics that will be covered include: results from the first run of the Belle II flavor factory; the status of the flavor anomalies; new ideas to probe Dark Matter and dark sectors; direct and indirect searches for new physics at high energy experiments; precision measurements at small scale high-intensity experiments, e.g. g-2 and rare kaon decay experiments; and machine learning in particle physics.


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